Yearly contribution


Mainstream Class (Non-Hifz)


£125 over 3 periods

Pre-Alimah Class (Includes Saturdays)


£150 over 3 periods

Alimah Class (Includes earlier start and Saturdays)


£160 over 3 periods

Hifz Class (Includes earlier start and Saturdays)


£190 over 3 periods


The Madrasa contribution can be paid in the following manner:


  1. In one instalment. If you have only child in the Madrasa, please pay the MC in one instalment at the beginning of the year.

  2. In two instalments.

  3. In three instalments (the most popular method as highlighted below).

  4. In more than three instalments (by prior agreement only).

  5. By Standing Order spread out over 12 months. Collect a form from the office. Only do a Standing Order if you genuinely need to – as this takes up a lot of administrative time.


Please note that we do not collect weekly/fortnightly.


 The three instalments are as follows:


1st Instalment

Due: 2nd September 2015


2nd Instalment

Due: 9th November 2015


3rd Instalment

Due: 22nd Feb 2015



Fri 16th October 2015


Fri 11th December 2015


Fri 18th March 2015


Madrasa Contribution Policy


1. All contributions must be submitted in a sealed envelope with your child’s full name, level, session and roll number. Please state what term(s) etc is being paid. This is to avoid discrepancies. Do not include any other payment (e.g. for books etc) or any other correspondence with the Madrasa contribution (send this in separately).


2. If you are paying for more than one child, please submit one cheque for all children.


3. Place your envelope in the black box near the office entrance. This is better than handing it to someone and also less time consuming for us.


4. Do note that all receipts are issued within 10 days, and may sometimes take longer (especially in the first term just after Ramadhan).


5. If you are paying by cheque, make the cheque payable to “Al-Ansaar”.


6. Parents can make a donation of any amount over the annual contribution; this will help us immensely in running the Madrasa. We are a charity, and we do not have any regular income or funding. We solely operate on the donations and support of parents and other individuals.


7. If you have any queries, please email us. This is the best method of communication.


** Important **


At times parents do fall behind with making a payment, and we acknowledge that at times there can be genuine reasons for a delay. It is for this reason we as a Madrasa do not take any “action” on overdue contributions in terms 1 & 2.


However in all cases, your Madrasa Contributions must be fully paid up three weeks prior to the start of ‘Written Assessments’ or by the date that will be set each year.


If you have not submitted your Madrasa Contribution by this date, then your child’s admission will be terminated from the Madrasa till the matter is fully resolved. Naturally, this would mean your child will not be able to take part in written assessments etc.


Although this policy may seem rather severe, we hope you appreciate the reasons for drawing up this policy. Some parents are being sent up to 5 or 6 written reminders, and we are still not getting any responses, whereas some parents had overdue contributions going back as far as 12+ months. Thus this policy is there to safeguard the interests of the Madrasa.

We appreciate your cooperation.