Madrasa Renovation Project


Support our appeal!


  • Our current premises really need an “uplift” – something that will IA really enhance the learning environment.


  • The new Madrasa will be full of modern colours, lots of bright classrooms, and a digital infrastructure ready to take us to the next steps in educating our children.


  • The environment definitely has an impact on learning – it can “motivate” both learner and educator - !


  • Our target is to raise £125k before we can seriously consider any work. We have so far raised £55,730.0.


  • We also have a small quantity of gold jewellery – donated by 18 mums.


How YOU can help


  • First and foremost, make lots of Dua for this project. Just as we need to make effort, Dua is an essential part of this effort.


  • Use our donation box for your regular “Sadaqah and Lillah”. Regular Sadaqah alleviates anxieties and removes calamities


  • Another option is a little regular giving. Consider setting up a standing order for as little as £5 a month. In two years your donation will amount to £120.00, enough to contribute towards the cost of painting one small classroom.


  • Our account details are below for those who wish to set up a standing order. Simply give these details to your bank. You can also cancel a standing order at anytime.


  • If you have friends or relatives who may wish to support our project, pass them this letter.


  • Ask your child’s grandparents – this is a great opportunity for them to donate towards their grandchild’s Islamic education. It will IA also be a Sadaqa-e-Jariyah.


Make a one off donation


We urge those who can manage to make a “one-off” donation. This is any amount you can support the project with.


For example, if 100 parents donated £300 each, this will raise £30,000. If it was £500, the total raised would be £50,000.


If Allah has bestowed you with wealth, please support our project.


One-off donations is the most effective method to reach our target.



Our bank details For direct payments and to set up a standing order:



Bank: HSBC, Fishergate, Preston. PR1 2AD   

Account Name: Al-Ansaar Welfare & Education

Sort Code: 40- 37- 25     Account Number: 02 57 84 33

Ensure you quote “renovation” as the reference, so your donation goes to our renovation account.


Renovation donations will only be used for the renovation project.