Welcome To Our Website

Al-Ansaar Welfare & Education is a UK registered charity established in October 2001. At the outset, before the age of social and electronic media, its primary activity was the publication of a monthly newsletter. Just over a year later, on Wednesday 11th December 2002, our educational arm, “Madrasah Tajweedul Quran” came into existence, in the form of a Maktab / evening supplementary school.

As time went on, the services we offered increased. We currently provide the following services:

  1. Evening Maktab for boys and girls.
  2. Sanatayn classes for boys and girls aged 12 and above.
  3. Hifz class (boys only).
  4. Alimiyyah Curriculum for boys at The Suffah Insitute.
  5. Alimiyyah Curriculum for girls.
  6. Nikah service.
  7. Welfare Projects in partnership with various charities.
  8. Teacher training and advice to other Maktabs.
  9. Various in-house publications.

We pray to Allah to grant us sincerity, accept our humble efforts and grant us the ability to serve Islam even more. Ameen.

We’re here to help you make your child’s Islamic education experience a happy and fruitful one.