About Madrasah Tajweedul Quran

On Wednesday 11th December 2002, our educational arm – Madrasah Tajweedul Quran – opened its doors to the community of Preston with an intake of 40 pupils. Within a few years, we outgrew our premises. Therefore, in 2006 we moved into our current premises. Alhamdulillah, today Madrasah Tajweedul Quran caters for over 375 pupils and we have outgrown the current premises as well.  In our 15 plus years of operation, we are grateful to Allah that he has granted us the ability to make huge strides in Maktab education. Not only has Madrasah Tajweedul Quran been an inspiration for Maktabs in Preston, it has become an example and beacon for scores of other national institutions, through strategic advice, guidance and staff training.

In addition to providing the conventional Maktab curriculum from “Alif Baa” to Hifz, from 2013, we established the very first girls Alimiyyah Course in Preston, where English is the teaching medium. From 2016 we have started editing and publishing our numerous in-house publications, and over the next few years we hope to publish many more (see our publications page).

Our focus is to provide our children with excellence in Ta’leem and Tarbiyah, irrespective of race, background etc and to nurture British Muslims who are confident in their faith, have true values and who contribute to the local and global community. Our energies are channelled in trying to achieve this goal.

We pray that Allah grants us success in this goal. Ameen.