Al-Ansaar Welfare & Education was founded to meet two main objectives; Education and Welfare.

Although the former encompasses over 90% of our activities, in partnership with various UK registered charities, we carry out welfare projects in various parts of the world.

Our aim is to carry out at least one “large” project every year. We are grateful to our parents for their continued support and donations.

Our welfare projects provide valuable learning for our children. We try our best to include practical lessons, guidance and multi-media in every project, to help us inculcate compassion, mercy and a desire to help those who are in need.

This page provides an update on some of our projects undertaken.

Welfare Projects


Amount Raised


Charity Partner

Project(s) Carried Out




Raindrops Charity UK

Cyclone Emergency Appeal






Ummah Welfare Trust

Humanitarian Aid

December 2008



Viva Palestina


Shoebox Appeal




Most Needy

Ummah Welfare Trust

Eid Gifts – Most Needy

December 2011



Families Relief

Humanitarian Aid 





Al-Imdaad UK

Emergency Aid for Refugees

December 2014


West Bengal

West Bengal Charity Foundation

Water Pumps, Food Packs & Qurbani

September 2015


Syrian Refugees

Lesvos Island Greece

Al-Imdaad UK

Hygiene and Sanitary Packs

October 2015


Rohingya Refugees

Al-Imdaad UK

Emergency Aid for Refugees

November 2017


Most Needy

Various Local Charities

Ramadhan Iftaar Packs

May 2018


South Lakes

South Lakes Masjid Appeal

October 2021



Rahmah Mercy

Rahma Institute (Girls Boarding School) & Various other Projects

February 2022



Jamia Academy

Jamea Masjid (Preston) Madrasah Construction jameamasjid.co.uk/construction-project/

September 2022


India – Delhi & Bihar

Food Packs and cash distribution

Ramadhan 2022


Updated: 31st October 2022

Projects Images / Videos

As part of our Sunnah of the Month initiative, we discussed “Looking After the Environment” in the Madrasah. We then initiated a “Tree Planting Appeal”. Masha-Allah our pupils and parents donated generously and we managed to raise £1,457.04 towards planting of trees in Gaza etc and also in Moor Park!

Tree Planting in Moor Park

Supporting Rohingya Madrasah Teachers (in the camps) – Ongoing Project

Appeal to all our parents and supporters

The current Rohingya crisis started in 2017, and there are now well over a million refugees on the Myanmar-Bangladesh border. Whilst the UN provides basic food, some medicines and schooling for young children, the Iman, Islamic identity and future of 1000’s of children are potentially at risk.

Despite severe challenges, Madrasah teachers are giving their time and educating children in often what is make-shift huts and classrooms. Whilst many refugees engage in “casual labour” to earn some income, these teachers are unable to engage in this economic activity due to their teaching commitments.

We want to support these teachers, so they continue with this important work of educating and safeguarding the Iman of their children.

Help us in supporting over 250 teachers by:

  • Donate your Zakaat, Sadaqah and Lillah.
  • These teachers are eligible for your Zakaat.
  • We aim to give every teacher a payment of £50-£100 personally. This will support a teacher for 3-4 months, allowing them to purchase what they need most.
  • Watch the first video, this gives details of Zakaat distributed in January 2019.
  • This project is in conjunction with Peoples Needs UK (PNUK). A UK registered charity.
  • Donate directly:


You must quote reference: ROHINGYA T or ROH TEACHERS
Your support is appreciated.
Updates of each trip will be posted on here.


Rohingya 2019

Inside Rohingya Refugee Camps:

May Allah reward you for all your donations.


West Bengal 2016

Syria Appeal 2015