Syllabus Overview

The MTQ syllabus consists of three main elements:

1. Quran, Tajweed & Surah Memorisation:

  • This refers to learning to read Arabic, right through to reciting the Quran.
  • Basic level Tajweed rules are learnt and applied at the same time. Older pupils cover advanced Tajweed.
  • Memorisation of short Surahs commences from Level 2 onwards.

2. Islamic Studies & Dua Memorisation:

This refers to the teaching of various books, covering four main subjects:

  • Fiqh – Jurisprudence
  • Seerah – Islamic History
  • Aqaid – Islamic Beliefs
  • Tah-dheeb – Morals and Manners.

Memorisation of Prophetic Duas starts from Reception onwards.

3. Curriculum Enrichment:

This entails enriching the core syllabus (items 1 and 2) and providing an extension to the core learning.

It also serves to provide a wider educational experience for our pupils by putting “knowledge into action”; helping us to focus on Tarbiyah (spiritual nurturing).

However, we ensure that this does not compromise the “core learning” (items 1 and 2 above).

The following are some examples of enrichment at MTQ:

  • Fahmul Quran – Understanding the translation and message of the Quran with particular emphasis on the short Surahs. This starts from Level 5 onwards.
  • An emphasis on reciting with a melodious tune including dedicated tune sessions.
  • My Salah Diary – A diary to instill into pupils the importance of being punctual with Salah.
  • Campaigns & Community Engagement – This includes practical sessions such as litter picking, engaging with neighbours etc. It also includes day trips to consolidate core learning. The aim is to promote community cohesion, interfaith relations and general well-being.

We are currently exploring other opportunities such as residential trips and activities on weekend: sports and non-sport.